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Vacuum of Space

A Gothic Sci-fi Romance

A brilliant character-driven space adventure, welded with suspense, mystery and enough romance to appeal to all sorts of readers.“ANDREEA PRYDE – Author of Fateful Dreams Series


In the year 2510, Cat A Combs realizes Hell is real and coming for her. The crew of the LWS Slicer does everything they can to protect her until they realize Cat is the one saving them…

Carrier of the ancient but most advanced codex from the Grey Cat A Combs knows everything about futuristic technologies. The enemy, The Dome, wants her, but Scorpio—the most terrifying planet in the quadrant—wants Captain Caldwell, a deserter.

Separating them is the most dangerous task so far in the war for the Grey Codex. One thing Cat. A. Combs know for sure is that she wants her captain in his chair because space isn’t the final frontier any longer; Hell is.

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A Gothic Sci-fi Romance

With Captain Caldwell captive aboard the Abacination, Catacombs becomes the captain of the LWS Slicer. She takes on the ship’s command and refuses to let go of her number one mission: save Captain Jason Caldwell at all costs.

What Catacombs doesn’t realize is that Colonel Åake Nyström will waltz into her life and convince her to move with caution. No one might hear you scream in space, but sensors are always listening.

With her most trusted people, Catacombs established a plan to get onboard the Abacination incognito but to what price? She faces many dangers and the reality of Caldwell’s cloning history. The pain and torture that awaits her might be more than she ever anticipated.

Caldwell is the love of her life, but an entire crew of brave and trusting people rely on the shoulders of her heart. Will Catacombs throw her life away and the safety of the ship for Caldwell or will Åake Nyström convince her to return to the Slicer empty-handed?

The saying goes, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” if it is so, Catacombs might grow too strong…Hell is real, and it is coming…

©THE Liberty Series


A Gothic Sci-fi Romance

Adapting to her new life as the captain left Catacombs with many suppressed traumas. She had no time to process her emotions and accept that maybe Caldwell would forever be out of reach. Now, her greatest fears are surfacing and becoming the more real.

With newfound abilities, Catacombs tries to move on from the twenty-first-century woman she was, but anxiety takes over. Åake Nyström becomes closer to her, and she finds herself in-between Hell and Heaven when thinking of Caldwell and what she has become.

For the first time in the intergalactic war, the DWS Inferno makes its entrance determined to meet Captain Catacombs, aka the Grey Carrier. The mission of the Dominion is to kidnap her and bring her into Dome Space. It’s time for Catacombs and Nyström to revisit the Abacination, as the Slicer might not be enough to take down the Inferno.

Back on the ship that cost Catacombs everything, her mind creates walls all around her, which may cost her life. Nyström refuses to leave without granting Catacombs the biggest gift of all, her freedom.

Will Catacombs move forward and embrace her new self? Will Nyström offer himself to the Dome in exchange for Catacombs’ life and even Caldwell’s? Or will the Dome finally take what it always wanted, Catacombs, Caldwell, and Nyström?

Hell is real, and it is coming…


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


“A brilliant character-driven space adventure, welded with suspense, mystery and enough romance to appeal to all sorts of readers. There is more to this story than amazing characters and kickass action. There is an underlying message for those who have ears to hear it. If you wonder what I am talking about go, grab a copy, and get reading.”Andreea Pryde, Author

Rating: 5 out of 5.


“Cat. A. Combs, the leader of the LSS Slicer, has plenty of things that work to demine her confidence: OCD and anxiety are just two examples. When her sweetheart is taken though, none of those things matter. She will do anything and everything in her power to get him back. Anyone in her way will be destroyed.

I absolutely adore Catacombs’s character. I really related to her in the first book, but this one really brought out a new side of her, and I adore that one too. She has strength. Both physical and inner. To overcome all her demons to fight for herself and those she loves isn’t an easy task. She does it though, and it’s such an admirable fight that you can’t help but root for her.

While Cat is fighting her inner demons, there’s plenty of action and suspense as questions from the first book are answered. In this book, we really learn who these characters are and who they’re loyal to.

Like the first book in the series, it has a little of everything: adventure, romance, battles, hurt/comfort, friendship, and of course, awesome sci-fi action.

A series well worth the read!”Kayla Krantz, #1 Bestselling Author

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There is a difference between wanting to be the centre of attention and wanting to perform.

For since I can remember, I have wanted to perform. I wanted to know the art. I would be reenacting what I would be watching on television. I would sing what I heard and recite my favourite books.

But I was different and odd to many people. I liked to perform but not people. There was a side of me that grew in the dark and admire the night sky wondering what was out there. Stories would take form in my head, and I would write them all down.

There are two “me” I know, the gothic girl hoping there is more to this world than just humans and the nerdy one who believes in science.

This website is all about my research and, my books, my life as an artist and author. I hope you all enjoy what I have to share and my stories too!







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