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A Christmas Story

A Christmas Vampire Romance

This holiday season, life has a new beginning for Mina Zélie Toussaint. The most excellent gothic librarian and monster expert was now a full-time social media gothic vlogger. With her recent success, she decided to move to her favorite place on Earth, Vampire Island.

With winter knocking at the door, Mina can witness with her own eyes the magical scenery. The island was turned into her favorite Christmas horror story, The Nutcracker.

While Vampire Island is turning into a white Christmas dream, something didn’t feel right. Mina and her friends unravel a most nightmarish secret kept in the walls of the goth vlogger’s new home. Her historical castle house is home to a brutal psychopath, or is he? According to the two sisters, it’s not just a ‘he,’ but a demon.

The two sisters were aware of the bodies found within Mina’s house. But it didn’t change their mind. The Nutcracker wasn’t just a story. A curse and a final battle between a Rat King with seven heads and a Nutcracker must happen to end the curse. It has to take place to free Vampire Island from the spell.

The truth is now in the open air. Christmas, rotten appendages, stained rusty carpenter tools, buckets of blood, sinister dwellers, and an overwhelming festive Island…what can all of these come together and reveal what the true Nutcracker story means? Also, why is it called Vampire Island?

Mina Toussaint finds herself in the middle of a Christmas turned into a nightmare. Will she record everything and share with her goth audience or keep it all to herself? After all, what could be better for gothic lovers to find out that somehow a dark and antique story is, in fact, alive?

But what if Mina and her friends made a mistake by unraveling the mystery surrounding Vampire Island?



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tempting the devil

As you go deeper into the story
the light grows dimmer.

“I absolutely adored this Gothic read. The entire story had a very creepy Edgar Allan Poe feel that made the story even more intriguing.” — Kayla Krantz, Bestselling Author

Tempting The Devil

“It’s a beautiful tragedy that you want to be possessed by me.” — Beelzebub

Abandon all hope ye who enters here…The Gates of Hell are opened and waiting for your soul to weep…

Nia Luminița O’Rinn is putting her gift to the test by luring demons into her body. Having learned to swallow demons and spit them out, Nia leaves a trail of vomited iron nails in sets of three per demon behind her. 

The only other capable of transferring her pain onto him is Ștefan Bălan. The ex-Catholic priest turned model is everything to Nia, who questions his origin story. Once, he had her meet with the most beautiful of all angels and creatures, the King of Hell, Satan. From that moment, she knew who Ștefan was. The demons within her found the truth about the Romanian man.

A story unfolds when Nia arrives in Bellerose, where the Hortense Funeral Home is. The demons within unleash by taking over Nia’s mind and body and decapitating Satan, but Ștefan remains. Nia’s soul is on the balance, Ștefan’s secret unveils, demons are crawling their way out of Hell, and pain is only the beginning…

To believe in Satan’s beauty, would you burn your eyes to see him? Cut your hands off to touch him? Bleed yourself to quench his thirst? Would you sell your soul and life only to have a glance at his azure eyes? Tell me what would you do to witness the most dangerous of all beauty and own it?

But the question really is: would someone that beautiful cut off his own wings to fall and disappear?

The series that started it all…

©Lord Impaler Series

Mrs. blackwood

A Gothic Vampire Romance

“I absolutely adored this Gothic read. The entire story had a very creepy Edgar Allan Poe feel that made the story even more intriguing.” — Kayla Krantz, Bestselling Author

MRS. Blackwood

Let’s drag you into the pit of the night!

When Coralie Bellefleur is settling to write, the last thing on her mind is meeting vampires. Her entire world changes and her perspective on life shatters to pieces with one small change, she is “Mrs. Blackwood.”

A world filled with vampires, werewolves, lycanthropes, and blood donors is her reality. Surrounded by threats, betrayal, and constant fear for her life is a daily battle.

After all, she is the last descendant of the Orléans family and wife to Mr. Blackwood. But what does that mean?

©Lord Impaler Series


A Gothic Vampire Romance

“The novel harkens to Bram Stoker, who is appropriately mentioned…The plot is gritty, violent, and even inhumane at times. Bordering on the line of grotesque.” — WORLD OF GOTH MAGAZINE

Dr. Roy is the vampirologist betrayed by her fellow scientific council when her proof that vampires exist suffers rejection.

A conspiracy on the rise, Clémentine Roy creates her own crew and finds herself face to face with Vlad the Impaler.

What used to be a thrill to go hunt for ghosts in the night changed to a life-threatening slasher-flick.

Like her hero, depending on her witchcraft to live wasn’t enough. His allies: mummies, werewolves, rougarous, and witches alike must come together to protect him.

When all is said and done, Dr. Roy’s only mission is to keep Vlad the Impaler alive, but at what price?

©Lord Impaler Series

Iron Maiden

A Gothic Vampire Romance

His name is Wladislaus Dragwlya and don’t you forget it.

When Vladislav regains consciousness, he finds himself in the pit, a dungeon with only one way out, a tunnel with a trap. They tied him to a wall made of stone and recognized the stench of death, the agony of torture, and vipers wanting him as the Impaler.

Meanwhile, Clementine beats all odds to save Vladislav, even the odd that brought her back to her ex, Octavian Dascălu. From the bottom of her broken heart, she almost ate her heart out for having let him go. He was her first love…but not her true love.

Deep in the Jirondelle Castle in the great white north, Vladislav Tepes is a prisoner at the mercy of not only Odette but the Necromancer. Will Vladislav show himself to be the strongest of them all again? Or will he lose spellbound to a witch he despises?

All Clementine knows is what her demonologist friend looking for the gates of Hell itself said: he needs the blood of his Donor, or else…demons lurk everywhere waiting to take control.

Will Wladislaus Dragwlya become a demon or is he already?


Lord Impaler SERIES Reviews

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


I absolutely adored this gothic read.

When Coralie is getting ready for her annual trip, she doesn’t anticipate the fact that she might never return home. What starts as a normal day quickly takes a turn for the worst when she is stumbled across by a vampire who has ill wishes for her. Another vampire saves her, but to make sure she stays that way, he must marry her.

Now, it’s not very often that I get the chance to read and review gothic fiction, but it’s books like this that make me want to read more into the genre. Coralie was a very likeable character. Even when she was in the throes of danger, I liked she was quick on her feet. When her world is turned upside down, she has a unique way of navigating herself through it.

As well to well-fleshed-out characters, I loved the descriptions of the settings. The entire story had a very creepy Edgar Allan Poe feeling that made the story even more intriguing. There is plenty of action, suspense, and romance, and if vampires aren’t your cup of tea, well, there are werewolves too!

Well worth a read!”Kayla Krantz, International Bestselling Author

Rating: 5 out of 5.


“After reading Mrs. Blackwood, I was curious what Lexie Wayne would come up with in the second installment of the Lord Impaler series. This time, she must have done excessive research on Vladislav Tepes, known as ‘Vlad the Impaler.’

When Dr. Clémentine Roy and her close friend Mika get invited to a Halloween festivity, they expect to be there because they are hosting a documentary series about creatures of the night. They couldn’t have been more wrong! Both women are no strangers to the paranormal world, as they have inherited supernatural abilities themselves. Still, they never expected this to be a gathering of true vampires, let alone meeting Clémentine’s hero, the famous Vlad the Impaler himself.

What began as a harmless invitation soon turns into a struggle for life and death, not only for Clémentine but also for Vlad, who had them invited because he needs Clémentine’s help!

It’s a race against time! Their foes are vampire traditionalists, a psychopathic necromancer, a lovesick human woman claiming Vlad as her own, and a Scandinavian vampire holding a personal grudge against Vlad. Will Clémentine and Vlad save each other with the help of an unexpected friend and assure a new way of life for the vampire community, or will they perish in the onslaught of attacks about to come? Will the attraction they share for each other be their salvation or downfall?

Another gripping tale by Lexie Wayne! I couldn’t put it down until I knew the answers to all these questions.”J.C. Seal, Author

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Lexina Wayne

Historical Gothic Fiction as Winter Dubroc

Lexina Wayne grew up in the artistic and publishing world. She studied visual art as well as imaginative literature, classical ballet, acting, and storytelling.

Despite her extremely introverted and antisocial personality disorder, Wayne wrote the story she always wanted.

Wayne’s love for the movies 30 Days of Night and True Blood series gave her the inspiration she needed to combine horror and science fiction together. Her favourite books, Assassin’s Creed Renaissance and A Sookie Stackhouse Novel, taught her much about the writing she wanted to do.

With a personality of extreme introvert and clinical OCD, Lexina expressed herself in her novels and follows this lyric, “Watch me fly away. I was never yours to save.”


REDONE: Sci-Fi Gothic


Lord Impaler Series - Mrs. Blackwood by Lexie Wayne - Cover by Dazed Designs



Body Shaming Caused My Cibophobia

Society had people say they wished to be sick like me. Society had people laugh at me for living in a constant state of fear. I looked like one of those super sickening x-ray models, and people still managed to bring me down.

Confession Of A Shamed Mind Born Broken

Some believe I suffer from asociality, which’s a mental disorder that has an association with introverts. It can be a clinical condition, but in my case, asociality isn’t my disorder. I am a misanthrope and know this to be true for me.

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